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I had an issue with a family law case. The attorney I have has not responded to my phone calls and emails for two to three weeks. The attorney had not provided the final order to the judge for approval so we could close our case and I wasn't sure what direction to go in. Brian was very professional and courteous as he listened to my situation and gave me some great advice. I would highly recommend him.
Posted by Patricia
My probate question was a little more complex because my father's estate covers property in several states, and quite frankly I didn't understand how to properly navigate my way around making sure things were filed correctly and in all the right places; and then there were things I wouldn't even know to look for and check over. But Attorney Brian Dolan did, even in counties outside of Florida which as it turns out is where I should be concentrating my investigation efforts. I would recommend Brian to everyone, it doesn't matter which side of the probate estate your needs lay: heir or creating a will for loved ones.
Posted by Stuart
Mr. Dolan consistently provides some of the most comprehensive and accurate responses to AVVO inquiries. His responses demonstrate a technical understanding of the law and a willingness to share his knowledge that sets him apart from many others in the field. For these reasons, I endorse attorney Dolan.
G. Mastry
Brian spends a lot of time answering questions and does a very good job at giving complete and accurate answers. We all miss facts in the questions at times, and Brian's answers often point out what others have missed.
D. Goldman
I endorse this attorney. His professionalism, remarkable knowledge and vast experience place Mr. Dolan among the top notch lawyers in his areas of practice. With utmost dedication and quick critical thinking, he has successfully resolved an impressive number of cases over the course of his career. I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs quality legal representation.
C. Desilva
Brian is a highly skilled, diligent and knowledgeable attorney who is well-known in the legal community for his outstanding professionalism. He was able to obtain satisfactory results even for clients whose cases were incredibly difficult by dedicating his time and effort to achieve the best results. I certainly endorse this lawyer and have no doubt he will be of great help to anyone seeking legal advice or representation within his main areas of practice.
G. Cade
I highly endorse this lawyer as have known him for many years. Top notch in his field and is very hands on with helping people including fellow attorneys in the community who simply have a question.
E. Ostfeld